10 Ways To Dominate Ebay Traffic

10 Ways To Dominate Ebay Traffic


Have you ever wondered why some sellers on Ebay are more successful than others? Mentorship or a Training program are crucial in learning the basic do’s and don’ts, it’s true. But even knowing what items to target, where to source them, and all of the intricate listing details aren’t enough if you don’t know how to DOMINATE Ebay’s traffic engine Cassini.

It used to be as simple as just having the best price. Ebay has evolved into a more complex selling machine and has been adapting to the influx of sellers looking to sell their item, competing for traffic on Ebay’s platform. But what about traffic outside of Ebay’s selling platform? Both streams of traffic are equally valid. When I sell an item it isn’t always from a buyer coming straight to Ebay to search for something. A good deal of my buyers are coming from outside search engines like Bing, MSN, Yahoo, and Google.

I have complied the most relevant information on how you can Dominate Ebay’s Traffic engine and outside search engines for increased views and sales. If you’re looking to increase Ebay sales, you need to learn how to harness the power of Traffic!

Now before you think it’s all about SEO- you’re wrong. There are so many other important factors to how your items rank. You see, it’s all about relevancy in Ebay’s eyes. Much how a website is viewed by Google, for instance.If you are publishing articles about dog grooming you may or may not be seen. You’re competing against potentially 100’s of other website owners talking about the same thing.

In this 14 page Report you will have access to the 10 most prominent and influential tactics to become relevant in Ebay’s eyes.

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