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Single mom blogger with passion! I love the forest for the trees, and am fascinated with herbs, plants, and flowers. Mindset training enthusiast. Self admitted coffee junkie and chocolate snob, total foodie, and scent freak. I love playing mad scientist in my kitchen making weird herbal concoctions. My dream day is spent deep in a forest next to a creek, and I LOVE racing quads, dirt bikes, and the occasional 5 speed honda :-)

DIY Homemade Natural Household Cleaner Recipes     Making your own cleaning products is not only frugal, but fun and customizable. You can confidently clean knowing you are not leaving harmful chemicals and fumes behind. Here are the recipes I use in my home. Feel free to tweak them to a scent you like!   […]

DIY Homemade Natural Household Cleaner Recipes

Is Your Brain Toxic? Brain health is responsible for so many things- like mood regulation, cognitive function, ability to focus, decision making, sleep function, and more. And preserving it’s well-being is highly overlooked. Most people who I’ve come across that are trying to live a more natural life are quick to do things that support […]

Is Your Brain Toxic?

Read Part 1 Of Our Journey Here!   By summer of 2014 we were looking to move and that was at the forefront of business. I got my middle two daughters involved in a youth program in our local community earlier that spring, and it was going well until there were some issues with other […]

Our Journey Part 2

Our journey to discovering ADHD (along with ODD & Type 1 Diabetes) was long, exhausting, and seemingly never-ending. 4 of my 5 kids have ADHD, although they all have different forms/combinations. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and many other sources state there are 3 forms of ADHD : Primarily Hyperactive and Impulsive Primarily Inattentive […]

Our Journey Part 1

Are you worried about negative feedback with retail arbitrage? You shouldn’t be. Recently, I blogged about what the difference between Retail Arbitrage vs. Wholesale Suppliers for Dropshipping is. I think a lot of folks get hung up on the details instead of what really matters which is— does it REALLY work? Listen in, I’ll show […]

Worried About Negative Feedback w/Retail Arbitrage?

How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos 2014   If you are a marketer you understand the POWER of YouTube Marketing. Everybody has a voice, and people love watching videos. YouTube is one of the best (and one of my favorite!) ways to build a following and how to grow your business for free.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos 2014