How To Sell on Ebay Successfully: Tips For Selling On Ebay 4

How To Sell on Ebay Successfully: Tips For Selling On Ebay


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Have you ever wondered how to sell stuff on ebay and make money? You’ve surely heard of people that make a living buying & selling on Ebay. Ebay is ranked #21 on worldwide, and #10 in the US!


How to get started selling stuff on Ebay? Well you could go search endlessly on the internet and buy all kinds of audios and ebooks and try to learn that way. Or you could partner with a pack
of experienced Ebay dropshippers who will teach you the tricks of the trade and give you 24/7 support in our chat room! Most people who are self-taught either fail miserably (because they lose money), or it takes them YEARS to learn simple tricks and what to avoid.


Tips and Tricks for Making Money On Ebay:

1.) Become an Ebay Dropshipper, so you never have to scavenge garage sales/thrift stores for items to stock and ship.

2.) Find reliable suppliers to work with

3.) List items that are unique, and in season

4.) Make sure you are making enough profit after ebay/paypal fees to justify the sale

5.) List items CONSISTENTLY

6.) Take care of your buyers- ship items & update the tracking info asap

7.) Use automation tools to find items to list & upload listings in bulk

8.) Have a support line available deal with questions, situations, or oddball circumstances as they come up!


Of course you’re wondering what are the best selling products on Ebay? There are TONS of best selling products on Ebay. But there are certain guidelines you need to follow to know which ones will sell more likely than others, otherwise you’re wasting your time listing them. That’s why I like being a member of The Elite Dropshippers— there is SO much invaluable advice and support when random situations occur.


We have all of the above and MORE with The Elite Dropshippers. If you haven’t seen what we’re doing with The Elite Dropshippers… you’ve got to check us out!


Making money on Ebay really is simple once you understand the the basic guidelines and just apply consistent action. Most of our students make great part time money, and some are making thousands of dollars a month. Just depends on how much time you want to dedicate towards your Ebay business.


I’m taking applications for those who are serious about generating a part time or full time income on Ebay. You don’t need any special skills to do this! If you can READ directions & follow them, and use copy/paste, you can make money dropshipping on Ebay.


I only work with a limited number of people as student positions are limited within our group. Get in touch with me today to get your application!


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4 thoughts on “How To Sell on Ebay Successfully: Tips For Selling On Ebay

  • Adley

    Very good information!

    I never thought about hiring others to work under me before. It sure would speed up the process. I’m not making enough money selling to pay someone part time yet. Maybe I will in the future, who knows? 🙂

    Great post!

    • katievega Post author

      Hey Adley, thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Actually, I don’t hire anyone (yet) to do my ebaying for me. But I am building a team that wants to learn how to effectively dropship on Ebay and make front end profits, as well as secret backend profits on every sale, consistently. Cheers my fellow Ebay mate!

      • Adley

        Wow that does sound interesting! Let me know how that goes… I’ve heard some people having issues drop shipping before and I’d rather get the inventory myself and ship it out. I find that relying too much on others can bring you down then again having other people can help grow your business.

        • katievega Post author

          I’ve been dropshipping on/off since January with this group of servant driven leaders. Dropshipping on Ebay is very simple, when you know what rules to follow. I recently helped them bring their new program, The Oh Method, public. The Oh Method boasts larger front end profits on every sale, as well as 3 to 4 back end profit streams— on every sale 🙂

          It’s going well for those of us that follow the system; I’ve already made over $700 in less than two weeks using the Oh Method. We will be opening the doors again shortly. If you would like more information, you can subscribe to updates here: