Top 5 Outsourcing Sites

Top 5 Outsourcing Sites

I used to think outsourcing had to be a nightmare because I’d heard so many horror stories. I also had tried to find reliable outsourcing for SEO and article writing to and they never worked out. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to find cheap outsourcing with fast turnaround. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for good virtual assistants in the Philippines either.

Learning how to outsource is imperative to long term success, especially if you want to have a life outside of your business. If you’re looking for internet marketing automation tools, you already understand it’s counterproductive to try and be an expert in all subjects. Reliable and cheap Outsourcing is easy if you know where to look. I scoured high & low to find you the best outsourcing sites!

Here are the Best Top 5 Outsourcing Sites, and why:

1.) Fiverr

Aside from being a very cheap outsourcing resource, it is extremely diverse (marketing/testimonial/cool animation videos, transcription/translation services, SEO, social media mentions, & more). If you’re looking for creative marketing ideas, you’ll definitely get a few by seeing the gigs these folks offer. (Trust me, you’ve never seen ideas this crazy!)

2.) Micro Workers

This is a crowdsource site and is useful if you are looking to have many contributors (even from a specific region or timezone) collaborate on your goal. (ie: you want 200 likes to your video or fan page @ .10 a piece)

3.) Guru

This is a well known site that has highly qualified freelancers who do everything from broadcasting, powerpoint presentations, editing, to telemarketing). Search by minimum hourly rate and minimum project rate by category. Also, you may post a project and be matched with possible Gurus who match your specifications, and then invite them to submit a bid.

4.) ODesk

Another well known site that has highly qualified freelancers offering a wide range of more specialized tasks such as multimedia design, software development, facebook apps, and SEO campaigns. You have the option to search for contractors that meet your needs, or post a project with a budget price and see who applies. Contractors are able to take and publish scores for skill tests so their abilities can be measured.

5.) Elance

Another versatile resource that offers everything from programming, consulting, and admin support to Facebook ads and lead generation. You can search for freelancers by country, hourly rate, or feedback score and skillset. Like #3 and #4, you also have the option to post your project with projected budget and see who bids.

This can seem a little overwhelming when you get started. My advice would be to stick with #1 and #2 for small, cheap, and creative jobs. As you automate more of your business and need tasks that take a lot of time (such as campaigns or social media management) #3, #4, and #5 will be more helpful.

Tip: To make the most of your experience when outsourcing, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get what you’re paying for. Inevitably if you go into a category or do a search for the particular service you’re looking for you will have many options.
6.) Virtual Staff Finder-

This site is awesome! For long term projects and jobs, that is. It’s more of a long term investment. But they have a large team of Virtual Assistants that are trained and skilled and have accountability checkpoints in place. You get to spend some time quizzing prospective candidates for the best match, before you hire them.


Tips For Outsourcing:  (How To Hire A Virtual Assistant)
1.) Read the description of the service offered in full.

2.) Check their feedback score and look at their portfolio if they have one.

3.) Provide a detailed explanation of what you want (leave nothing to assumption), and receive feedback on whether that is possible or it’s out of their scope of knowledge.

4.) Use a service where your payment is secure and released when services are rendered and/or you can dispute if they did not properly complete the assignment(all of the above resources do that).

5.) Check their work! Obviously if it’s something graphics related, you’ll see it. But if you’ve hired someone to do a press release, give you 200 YouTube likes, or syndicate 5 videos… require them to send you the links when that’s completed.

*(Some things obviously are harder or more tedious to check every single detail. But you can require them to keep track of likes, comments, who they private messaged and you can spot check at random.)

6.) Finding people that are a pleasure to work with and return quality work is a process. If you need inexpensive business card design I recommend this guy because he did awesome graphic design work for a low price, AND cheap business card printing services.

If you found these tips for outsourcing and my list of the best outsourcing sites helpful, please drop me a comment below and be sure to “like” my YouTube video 🙂


Happy Outsourcing!

Katie Vega
‘Minivan Marketer Mom’

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