Top 8 Things I Dislike About The Network Marketing Industry

I was inspired to blog about this today… don’t ask me why! I guess being connected to social media and seeing things that I know don’t work or I used to do back in the day….


Here are the TOP 8 things I don’t like about Network Marketing & Direct Sales Companies  Opportunities:

1.) Bad Sponsors. It’s not really the sponsors fault if you don’t do anything, but most the time they don’t have any advice to offer you on what actually works, because they’re doing things that are ineffective.

2.) Working Hard & Earning Very Little. Oh… the stories I could tell!! The power to truly leverage yourself is low…. each person you sign up is only worth a percentage of what you’re selling. So each person you recruit is only personally contributing $10 or $20, if they stay around, if they stay on autoship.

3.) Loopholes in the commission structure. Crappy stipulations the company strategically builds into the comp structure to avoid paying you for work performed.

4.) You’re not taught the power of, or HOW to brand yourself. This is because the company wants you to brand them, their opportunity and their products. But guess what? People are attracted to……. PEOPLE!

5.) You’re boxed in. Most companies have  policies & procedures that don’t allow you to be involved in other affiliate programs, especially if they are a competitor. Even when it’s not direct competition, several companies have been known to just up and terminate reps for climbing the ladder of online success. Once you realize there is business beyond your own company, you don’t want to be boxed in anymore like Cedric Harris.

6.) Network Marketing companies have no understanding of online traffic, SEO, or CTR. Hence, they can’t teach what they don’t know.

7.) They teach the WORST marketing tactics ever. The entire industry is built on selling the dream of time freedom, when in fact, they are doing the opposite. Are you really leveraged if you’re calling leads a few hours a day, attending 4 conference calls a week, spamming in facebook groups everyday, attending weekly hotel meetings, and printing 1,000 flyers to distribute in parking lots every week?

8.) The Failure Rate. See numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 for explanation.


After 14 years of being in the industry I got really sick of people quitting.  They simply weren’t willing to go to the lengths I was, because honestly some of the things I did were ridiculous. And I could only educate them on how to do what I was doing. Which was a whole lot of  ineffective things and running around.


Nobody taught me how to brand myself. Nobody explained to me that if I wanted to build an online business that I had to focus on branding myself and getting online traffic. Nobody cares about your incredible weight loss shakes, nor do they care about your company name. People are attracted to people that they can relate to, that they like, and that are confident in what they’re doing.


I’m so glad I don’t have to use ‘stalker marketing’ tactics anymore 🙂 I mean truly… do you feel good about what you’re doing when you’re putting flyers on people’s windshields, bathroom counters, in diaper boxes, or trolling the malls? LOL!


Learn how to market effectively and you will become leveraged. Work Less, Earn More. That’s my motto 🙂



Is there anything you’d like to add to this list that I’ve left off? Feel free to drop me a comment below:



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